Resturant Development & Food Service

1.Concept Creation & Development

Ramada works to fully understand the vision and objectives of the client, whether developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation. With a pulse on the latest F&B trends, emerging brands and successful concepts in every services category and cuisine – we research and recommend a list of “must-see” competitive and on-trend concepts in specific markets.

2.Business & Financial Plan

The business plan will be the road map from which a new restaurant will develop. It will prove
the viability of the concept to potential investors and provide them with a clear and engaging answer to all of their questions. The business plan is not a financial tool for the restaurant,
it also serves as an analytical tool that will help to set the restaurant business apart from the

3.SOPs Creation & Process Documentation

Operating manuals are the core ingredient in formulating a steady and strong brand that can able to grow. These manuals provide the knowledge needed to operate the business. We specialize in developing appropriate documentation to best manage such concept. Our aim is to design the tools for to run the business effortlessly.

4.Menu Development & Enhancement

We develop menus using the best talent locally and internationally. We either use our in-house chefs or collaborate with our celebrity / specialist chefs and experts. We bring the right talent for the concept. Our menu engineering & development services, coupled with our recipe development capabilities, help the business in optimizing the standards, maximizing the profits while minimizing the costs.

5.Turnkey Project Management

Specializing in start-to-finish project management solutions, our knowledgeable and
experienced team offers solutions from initial concept and site selection phases, through
to operational handover, with continued client support. Our team will be placed on the
ground during the launch period to ensure smooth operations and continue to monitor
the staff until they are ready to operate independently

6.Restaurant Assessment

Everyone benefits with a fresh set of eyes, and an assessment always opens the eyes to what
you may not be seeing. We will meet at your facility and conduct a thorough site visit from
back to front of house, to assess each and every aspect of the business operation to better
understand the productivity and service levels of operation, and to discuss goals, needs, and

7.Human Resources Services and Training Programs

Investing in a business also means investing in the manpower, and one of the keys to a concept’s success is having the best people on board with the right mix of attitude, experience,
talent and skill set. We qualify the right people and design well-planned orientation programs
to help new employees become acquainted with the specifics of their job role and the
expectations from the business and feel a part of it.

8.Consultancy & Support Services

With a thorough knowledge of design process, MEP, kitchen, FF&E and operations – Ramada offers a range of concept creation and rollout programs including customized services. Operators frequently neglect the many unique and cost-effective methods to market their operations. A creative approach to promotions and marketing would substantially increase bottom line.